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John Carter of Mars RPG - Warhoons

This was my art test for the JCoM RPG published by Modiphius Entertainment. Really fun, but also challenging. All of the pieces I did for this book and the upcoming supplements had specs of 1/3 page, vertical formats. We're so used to 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios or at least wider portrait compositions. So to get all the content of the briefs squeezed in in a way that was dynamic yet not too smooshed together was a fun, but tricky task.

For this one I wanted to give the graphic designer the option of a hard frame crop or a fade that cuts into the text.

Thanks for the great art direction from Sam Webb

Chaim garcia warhoons dual fade
Chaim garcia chaim garcia warhoons cropped

Cropped to book specs

Chaim garcia warhoons thumbs