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Chronicles of Wagadu TTRPG, Spirits and Creatures concepts

Personal Disclaimer: The artwork here depicts spirits and entities inspired by African mythology and folklore, for a fantasy roleplaying game based in an African inspired setting, eschewing the usual western-European vision of fantasy art and gaming. Given my portfolio I naturally gravitated to creatures and "monsters". Given the horrifying events happening since the inception of the USA experiment, but particularly right now, that are under global scrutiny right now, I worry this art may negatively and inaccurately represent my personal views or those of the TTRPG that I'm making this for. Please understand these are a just concepts depicting the more frightening aspects of the world of Wagadu. A simple hop over The Wagadu Chronicles social media sites will make obvious the intent of the project, and my role as a character/creature artist.

Concept Art for The Wagadu Chronicles Tabletop RPG in production. Art shown with permission. Follow Wagadu at
@thewagaduchronicles instagram